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A Tale of two Ships

It did not take us long for us to think it through. Though the price was high, the price of the alternative was higher. There we swore the oath and pledged our lives to the service of His Majesty’s Navy and  placed ourselves under the command of the Captain. There we received from his a life jacket with the emblem of the Royal Navy and a whitewashed shield divided by a red cross. But then he did something we did not expect. 

He gave us a commission in the Royal Navy and bid us stay abroad the HMS Our World to tell those who do not know of the HMS Salvation. The captain took his ship, promising he would be back in time, before vessel sink beneath the waves. He promised that all who accepted the authority of the Royal Navy and joined their ranks by swearing the oath would be accepted aboard the HMS Salvation. We trust in our Captain will all that is within us: with the same conviction and confidence he himself demonstrated when imploring the stiff-necked bystanders aboard. That is why we tell this take with such fervency: because we are on a sinking ship. But here is hope now. Our job is to gather recruits while he’s gone. 

Here we are. 

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