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A Tale of two Ships

He explained. “This ship is the only hope of the HMS Our World and I cannot risk rebellion. It was rebellion that led your ship astray and pride that assured it a place at the bottom of the sea. I cannot allow the same to overshadow Salvation. Unless you take the oath, there is no place for you on my ship.” 

We stood there in awe of the authority and stature of the Captain. In his voice we heard the desperation of his call to all those who stood by and watched idly. We marvelled at them. There was no other way to gain passage aboard the HMS Salvation and no alternative besides. Still they stood back. Some sneered at those climbing aboard. Some refused to come close for the reproach it had become. Some even spat at the officers aboard the Salvation. Their anger had clouded their judgement, making wise mean ignorant fools and small men too large for their waterlogged boots. 

As we watched we also saw the supreme wisdom and goodness of the Captain, who did not hold back his gift from anyone, but offered it to all who would accept. We ourselves were standing there, watching in wonder the events unfolding before our eyes. Turmoil engulfed us. Motion everywhere from despairing, confused people swirled about and we marvelled at the magnitude of the moment, here, on this sinking ship. 


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