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Stuart McEwing lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife and two children. He enjoys ice-cream, chocolate, and any combination thereof. He does not enjoy alcohol, coffee, or any combination thereof. His interests are in theology and philosophy of religion, fantasy and science fiction, and is an expert Settlers of Catan player.


  • Bachelor of Design (BDes), 2004
  • Graduate Diploma in Theology (GradDipTh), 2011
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary), 2012
  • Part of the requirements for a Masters Degree in Theology.

“For those who are well prepared, tribulations are like certain foods and exercises for athletes which lead the contestant on to the inheritance of glory. When we are reviled, we bless; maligned, we entreat; ill-treated, we give thanks; afflicted, we glory in our afflictions.”

Basil, Homily 16
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