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A Tale of two Ships

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Thanks to: Much appreciation goes to the scrupulous Kamahl Nunz Vaz, my editor
and the astute advice of Daniel Williams.

Here we are. On this sinking ship. Struck by the righteous rage of the storm, we now see the arrogance and pride that brought us here. Our fatal blunder threatens to swallow us. That deep watery grave holds our just reward: profound oblivion. Like a bell the open seas, once our pleasure: a background to our merrymaking has tolled on the eleventh hour. 

We set out from port with all the best intentions and all the finest technology. They proclaimed the HMS Our World ‘The Unsinkable.’ The frightening consequence of our sin is slowly sinking in. Too late, we see what brought us here.

Why the operator turned off the radio no one knows. It would have warned us of the waves that so easily crippled us. Desperate warnings were answered only by the unceasing sound of static from empty airwaves and vacant men. We could blame the radio operator. We could condemn countless others but it is all pointless. Their warnings would have fallen on deaf ears; such was the assurance we had placed in our own strength. Our vanity made us think we were invincible – we were for a time, but born myopic, we were made for misfortune. Here we are. 


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