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Apologetics Series

Getting started: What is apologetics and why is it necessary? 
What the Bible tells us about giving reasons why we believe, and the broader benefits of apologetics.

Standing for Truth: How do we declare the Gospel in todays world? 
What is the nature of truth and faith 
Knowing and showing the truth with grace
What makes for a good argument

Cosmic Evidence: For a Creator of the Universe 
Argument from sufficient reason
Argument from the beginning of the universe

Design Evidence: For a Fine-tuner of the Universe 
The argument for a cosmic designer
Intelligent Design 
What does it mean if evolution is true?

Moral Evidence: Does the universe need a Moral-lawgiver?
On the Moral Argument for God’s existence from objective moral values and duties 

Historical Evidence Part I: Who did Jesus believe he was?
Assessing the trilemma of Lunatic, Liar, Lord
Jesus’ radical self-conception in the Gospels

Historical Evidence Part II: Did Jesus rise from the dead?
Historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus 

Deliver us from Evil: Can God and evil coextis? 
Assessing the problem of evil
Providing an explanation for the suffering in world
Why does God seem to hide himself. 

The Scandal of Particularism: Is Jesus the Only Way?
Answering the problem posed by religious diversity and those who never hear the gospel.

By the Book: Is the Bible a reliable guide to knowing God? 
Is what we have today what was written back then? and the problem of textual variants
Is what was written back then what happened back then? and the solution of Christian evidences?

Other Talks in Apologetics

Is the Bible actually reliable?
Is the skepticism directed towards the gospels justified? Featuring a defence of miracles and a sketch of the evidence for the reliability of the New Testament text and the events of the Gospels. 

If God is Good, why is there suffering?
Progress made for the Problem of evil

Jesus, who do you think you are? 
On the divine self-consciousness of Jesus of Nazareth
Christians often take for granted that Jesus is God. But is it sensible to believe this first-century carpenter thought he was the incarnate God of Israel? And how did he convince his early followers who were all monotheistic Jews? Is the Jesus we worship in church simply a legend invented by the early church? Come and find out these answers and more, as we explore the real Jesus of history.

The Case for Easter
The meaning of the resurrection of Jesus and why you should believe it, featuring a minimal facts approach to the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection.  

Science and Religion
The relationship and integration of science with religious belief, with a focus on the Christian faith. 

Theology Series

Introduction to Systematic Theology
On what systematic theology is and why it’s important to study.

Revelation: General and Special
On the two modes of divine revelation, or how God speaks to the world and individuals.

Revelation: Biblical inspiration
On how the inspiration of the Bible is verbal, plenary, and confluent all at once.

God: Biblical Motifs of God in the Old Testament
On what a Jew in the time of Jesus would think about God with an overview of the Old Testament material, or what God does and what He is like.

God: Divine Attributes of God’s Greatness
On the attributes of God that make Him great

God: Divine Attributes of God’s Goodness
On the attributes of God that make Him good

Trinity: Biblical Roots of the Doctrine of the Trinity 
On the data that forms the backbone of the doctrine of the Trinity

Trinity: Historical Survey and Evaluation of Trinitarian Models 
On the historical background of the doctrine of the Trinity that led to the standard solution in the Nicean Creed, as well the importance of the doctrine to the system of Christian thought and our lives.

Christ: Incarnation
On the historical background that led to the Chalcedonian Creed and its affirmation on the duel-nature of Christ. We look towards an answer to the question how Christ can be both human and divine. 

Christ: Atonement
On the biblical motifs that must be accounted for in any theory of the atonement and a defence of Penal Substitution against the charge that it is unjust to punish an innocent person. 

Christ: Resurrection
On the historical credentials of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the meaning that Christ’s Incarnation and Resurrection has for us.

Holy Spirit: Baptism and Fullness
On the person and work of the Holy Spirit, with a glimpse at some of the many things that Holy Spirit has his hand in, ending with a discussion on the baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit. 

Creation: God’s Relation to the World and Miracles
On how the Bible presents the transcendence and immanence of God in perfect balance.

Creation: Angels and Demons
On angels and demons; their nature, character, work and organisation, including the origin of Satan. 

Man: Image-bearers
On the greatness of humanity in that we bare the image of God, what it means for us

Man: Theological Anthropology
On the compositional nature of human beings. 

Man: Sin and Original Sin
On the depravity of humanity in that we are sinful, what sin is and an evaluation of the doctrine of original sin.

More Talks Coming soon: 

Last Things

Christian Living

A New Submission 
An exposition of Ephesians 5:22-23 on wives submitting to their husbands, and what the means for us today. How the cultural background to this text reveals a new vision of radical self-giving servanthood for all parties.  

Jesus: God’s Wisdom 
The Jewish and Greek background to the word of John 1:1, with an exposition of Proverbs 9, how Jesus represented God’s wisdom to us. 

An exposition of Psalm 95, exploring why we should worship and how we can worship.  

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