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What is “gender-affirming care”?

“Gender affirming care” is an Orwellian term to reference sex-denying medical interventions such as chemical castration and removal of healthy sex-organs. It is what used to be called having a sex-change operation, but includes psychotherapy and the use of dugs like puberty-blockers. It is much like the pagan practice of self-mutilation; a painful and irreversible sacrifice to a false god. In this case you have the assistance of a surgeon, but the major difference is the god to whom the sacrifice is given is an image of yourself with a gender opposite to the biology you were born with.

The ideology, called Gender Theory, that classes these practices as “therapy” and “medicine” is in desperate need of repudiation. It asserts that gender is completely a sociological and cultural construction and therefore entirely separate to biological sex. Unfortunately, it has gotten a foot-hold in the culture and causing terrible devastation to the hormonally imbalanced, the mentally vulnerable, the socio-culturally atypical, and often impressionable and underaged children. Moreover, those who would object and intervene run the risk of cancellation, persecution, and even prosecution. In some localities, the state has removed children from their parent’s care simply because they refused to use their teenager’s preferred pronouns. It is predicted that this will become more commonplace as the ideology gains in momentum and popularity.

There are some who would call these policies and practices good, believing that fulfilling the gender-dysphoric’s desire to live in a body that matches the way they think about themselves reduces the risk of suicide. Capitalising on fear, some gender clinics have advised parents approve the “transition” of their children to prevent them from killing themselves – a manipulation worthy of Machiavelli. However, statistics of continued high rates of suicide in the “transitioned” community and stories of people de-transitioning continue to mount up.

The story below is from a 17 year old with a biology that would naturally be male, but who has “transitioned” to present himself as a girl. It is a gut-wrenching example of the end result of this ideology and the practices it approves of. The wise will discern the demonic assignments that have come against him to spoil God’s good creation. The kind will affirm her identify as female and her past decisions. The loving will tell him the truth, which happens to be the only thing that will actually give him the hope he craves. I hope he gets the help he needs.


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