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Is abortion healthcare?

Nothing is better than being blocked by someone on Facebook because they can’t handle the logic-bomb you just set off. Instead of responding in kind (that is, with logic and reasoned argumentation), or admitting they were wrong, they can continue in their error by blocking out the noise of dissenting voices.

I’ve taken to saving the chains of discussions in case I do get blocked and can’t revisit my writing. Below is one example of that happening.

The case of Chrissy Teigen characterising her tragic miscarriage as an abortion – for the likes after Roe v Wade got canceled – is a story that has been making the rounds for a while. Here is the latest example of a woke publisher MIC jumping on board the Teigen-train and peddling false narratives.

I respond;*

*the following research and words draw heavily on the work of live action here.


Tragically, after dealing with issues with the placenta, Teigen was admitted to the hospital due to bleeding. Jack, her unborn son, appeared to be doing well, but just a few weeks later, doctors were unable to stop the bleeding, and though they tried to save him, Jack passed away during or shortly after a preterm delivery.

At the time, Teigen wrote on Instagram, “We are shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before. We were never able to stop the bleeding and give our baby the fluids he needed, despite bags and bags of blood transfusions. It just wasn’t enough.”

However, Jack’s delivery and his tragic death were not part of an induced abortion. An induced abortion is an act in which the intent is to produce a dead child. Neither Teigen, Legend, nor the doctors intentionally caused Jack’s death. His death was a result of the emergency medical situation that was occurring at the time.

Teigen is conflating induced abortion with miscarriage and preterm delivery. In an induced abortion, specific procedures are used to ensure the baby is dead when he or she is born — this is what pro-life laws restrict. Preterm delivery is an act that is carried out during medical emergencies when doctors are trying to save the mother, the child, or both. Clearly, Teigen didn’t want her child to die, but the situation called for a preterm delivery, in which there was a strong chance that Jack, due to his age, would not survive. Again, the couple did not want to kill their baby, and the doctors did not act to kill Jack. Therefore, Teigen did not have an induced abortion. She had a legal procedure that would remain completely legal even if induced abortion were to be completely outlawed.


But then someone called Kelly says “abortion is healthcare.”

Here is my response;


Hi Kelly, this “abortion is healthcare” is a popular slogan of the pro-abortion lobby. Unfortunately it’s false (for the vast majority of cases). Healthcare promotes wellbeing, but this procedure does not do well for any of the parties involved.

If it is healthcare, it is a very strange kind of healthcare. Take a moment to think on it soberly. Are there any other medical procedures you can think of where the success of the intervention is measured by the death of one of the patients? Where typically two healthy humans are there at the beginning, and there is only one left by the end?

Consider also how, in the event of the tragic death of a wanted unborn baby, natural birth is almost always the less risky option. It is also the least psychologically traumatising (though still horrible) option, for it acknowledges and honours the life that was, and gives parents time to grieve instead of sweeping the tragedy under the proverbial rug.

Consider also the very rare case where abortion is necessary for the life of the mother. This may be considered healthcare, but no pro-life advocate or law prohibit this exception to the general rule that one should not kill other human beings.

All the best for your future consideration on this matter.


If the thread continues from here, I cannot tell you. Here is the facebook link for you to see.


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