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Why should MPs vote against decriminalising abortion?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

A distinct human being. Photographic source: Neil Bromhall

Good day Member of Parliament,

I am writing to express to you my hope that you will vote against decriminalising abortion on the first reading. Such a vote would be for the voiceless, vulnerable, innocent and helpless children that are yet to be born. In seeking to help perfectly healthy women obtain “healthcare,” this government’s proposal will be persecuting thousands of alive and distinctly human beings by making their deaths permissible under law.

Foetal photography and scientific evidence have shown overwhelmingly that the “products of fertilisation,” as the law commission coldly called unborn babies, are alive and fully human. The science has been settled.[1] The question we must ask ourselves is therefore a philosophical one: Succinctly put, Will they be us? Or, will they be afforded the rights of any other individual? Alternatively, will one human being’s right to choose what they do with their body trump another human being’s right to be alive?

I hope that you will not be swayed by emotive stories and bad arguments prevalent on the other side of this debate. I have studied this issue at some length and found no reasonable argument for allowing the baby to be killed, once such a premise is admitted. Persecuting this minority group on the basis of their accidental properties, such as location, viability, level of development, size, emotional disposition of their mother, etc., makes for bad law, and subverts the role of just government to protect its citizenry. 

I also hope that you will support pro-life initiates in the future, such as; making adoption easier for prospective adoptive parents and biological parents wishing to adopt, accessing counselling prior to abortion services being obtained, enforcing women receive full information prior to accessing abortion services, funding for expensive counselling for the mental trauma and grief induced by accessing abortion services, funding research on studies on the effects of accessing abortion services, and so forth. 

Thank you for your time and consideration, 


  1. For the consensus of scientific view of a human life beginning at conception. See here.


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